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The Orlando Eye is Nearly Complete

It’s getting closer and closer. And we’re getting more and more excited! It’s been fun to watch the progress of the development of the Orlando Eye over the past year, and while the exact “opening date” hasn’t been announced yet, the completion of the passenger capsules on the wheel can only mean that time is near.

Check out this fun video posted by Visit Orlando:

What are your thoughts on this new Central Florida attraction?


Skeletons: Animals Unveiled! Invades Orlando

Make no bones about it – the additions to the I-Drive 360 entertainment complex just keep growing and growing! One which was just recently announced that caught our eye is Skeletons: Animals Unveiled!, and it’s pretty much what you would imagine it would be.

“Skeletons will exhibit over 400 skeletons in clever never-before-seen poses and dioramas and brand visitors with a whole new respect for the animal kingdom.”

Are they all real? Apparently so. Each of these species will be represented in a way that’s natural to their environment and habitat. So chances are you’ll run into this guy:


(Photo via Skeletons: Animals Unveiled Instagram.)

I mean, what do you think? Based on this limited insight about this new exhibit, will you visit?

The Skeletons: Animals Unveiled! attraction is currently scheduled to open next month (March).

Location deets:

Skeletons: Animals Unveiled!
8441 International Drive, Suite 250
Orlando, FL 32819

To keep up with all the latest news connect here:

Raglan Road Irish Pub

Raglan Road logoStraight up, I can already tell you I’m pretty much going to be drooling the entire time I’m putting this post together. Not only because the food in the pictures is delish, but because I’m daydreaming back to the day it was sitting right in front of my face. I’m talking about Raglan Road Irish Pub, a strangely authentic, yet tourist-geared Irish restaurant/pub located in Downtown Disney.

I love what the restaurant states on their website:

“There’s only one wee problem with 99.9% of the Irish pubs in America. They’re not Irish. Oh, they use green tablecloths and put dainty shamrocks on the menu – some even say Slainte. But to be a true Irish pub, you need to be from Ireland.”

Pretty much spot on.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the very traditional Irish eating (i.e., “fish & chips”, cabbage, etc.); however, I’ve always had a soft spot–literally–for Shepherd’s Pie (sometimes referred to as Cottage Pie). When I saw this on Raglan Road’s menu, and also upon the strong recommendation of one of my dining companions, the deal was sealed for me. Check it:

Shepherd's Pie I
Shepherd's Pie II
Looks amazing, right? And definitely not the Shepherd’s Pie you know or are familiar with. It was so tasty, the meat almost having a sweet aftertaste. I literally had dreams about this, and would certainly make a special trip out to “that area” simply to have it again.

I honestly can’t even remember what my dinner companions had because I was so focused on my own plate. I believe it was a roast something or other…. But there’s lots to choose from at Raglan. They don’t really have a menu listed on their website but there are a few photos here, which you can check out before making your trip to the Downtown Disney area.

Location deets:

Raglan Road Irish Pub
1640 E Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


Top “Escapes” From Our Theme Parks

A Forbes article titled “5 Great Escapes From Orlando’s Theme Parks” was circulated around the interwebs this past week, and with a title like that you know our ears certainly perked up. Actually, many of the local folks we follow posted or mentioned something about it, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

We love all of the local theme parks (it’s my bread & butter, so to speak), but one of the reasons Kim and I started this blog six years ago is to provide insight and talk about local things…living in our great Central Florida apart from the global theme parks located in our collective back yard. So referencing this Forbes article on “escaping theme parks” what are some of your favorite places, things that didn’t make the list here?

If you haven’t seen the article here are the five it mentions:

Thoughts?! Good suggestions?

To read the full article on click here.

* We originally caught wind of this article via a Facebook posting by Downtown Orlando. Thanks!

Orlando Eye on I-Drive

By now you’ve probably read, heard, or seen something about the “Orlando Eye.” It’s a massive ferris wheel installment going in on I-Drive, part of a million dollar entertainment project being developed for the heavy-tourist traffic area. Once completed, the Eye will be one of the tallest buildings in the Central Florida area (I bet it’ll look really cool for those flying into and out of the area).

We were recently in the area and caught a quick pic of the current status of the Orlando Eye project progress:

Orlando Eye I

Orlando Eye

It’s a tad tough to tell the size of this structure because there’s no context in this photo, but it’s going to be HUGE!

Here are a few fellow Central Floridians chatting about this, too:

The Orlando Eye is slated to start operation for guests sometime in 2015 (unless someone’s heard differently). We’ll be keeping an eye out for you!

While it won’t be quite as tall, do we think our Orlando Eye will reach the global iconic status of the London Eye?

Orlando’s Most Anticipated Venues for Meetings and Events in 2014

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on an article by BizBash siting the “10 most anticipated meetings and event spaces in Central Florida” this coming year. Some of these are a bit of a stretch (in my mind) for hosting meetings or events, but hey – we’ll go with it.

You can check-out the link above for the complete description of these venues, but we’re curious to know what you’re most excited about–regardless of the reason–this coming year in 2014.


Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

* Photo courtesy of

St. George Island Attractions

Cape St George Lighthouse

St. George Island Lighthouse

Just off the coast of Florida, St. George Island in Franklin County lies between the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay. Just one mile wide at its widest point, it is 28 miles long and is roughly divided into three separate areas, each with their own special attractions. The Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park is at the eastern end and covers approximately nine miles. Then there is a public strip of bars, restaurants, beaches, homes and small businesses. At the western end of the island is a highly exclusive, gated community, sometimes known as St. George’s Plantation. It occupies some 1,200 acres and has its own airstrip, plus 24/7 security to exclude all but residents or rental occupiers from some of the most high-priced multi-million dollar beach homes that exist along the Gulf of Mexico.

St. George Island Lighthouse

Visitors who pick up cheap rental cars and drive over from Eastpoint on the mainland via the St. George Island Bridge are treated to a wonderful four-mile drive across the sea on Florida’s third longest bridge, skirting a small island on the way. On St. George Island the bridge ends close to St. George Island Lighthouse, the views from which are superb. There’s a small but fascinating museum attached to the lighthouse, which tells the story of how the 1852 lighthouse was destroyed and then rebuilt using original materials and plans.

St. George Island State Park

This fabulous park is in a perfect setting featuring miles of unspoiled sandy beaches and sparkling emerald waters. There is a wealth of activities available for those who love the outdoor life, including camping and hiking, and nature study in the pristine marshes. Water sports include canoeing and boating as well as swimming. Anglers can fish in Apalachicola Bay for flounder, pompano, redfish, sea trout, Spanish mackerel and whiting, as long as they have a valid saltwater fishing license. The beaches are perfect for sunbathing and shell collecting.

St George Island Par

State Park

Read More…

Art Welcomes Orlando Visitors

I recently stumbled on a really cool article originating from a site called ‘Stuck at the Airport‘ (pretty clever; definitely a place I don’t enjoy spending lots of time). The post highlights a couple of pieces of interesting artwork that welcomes–and I suppose sends off–travelers breezing through Orlando International Airport. Check it:

OIA Artwork

Now, I’ve noticed the second piece before during several previous trips to the airport, but have never seen the first. It actually took me a minute to realize this isn’t a real person. It’s a tad creepy but I’m diggin’ on the classic Nikes!

Have you ever seen either while visiting OIA?

To read the entire article visit

Central Florida Life on Instagram

More of Central Florida seen through the Instagram lens. Enjoy (and if you know where any of these places are, chime in)!



Central Florida Life on Instagram

Central Florida has many great “photo opps.” Sometimes ya gotta look for them, often they find you (you just have to be ready). And when we are ready we try to capture them on Instagram. While some of these great photos make their way into our posts, they mostly don’t warrant a full blog post, so we Instashare them.

For these, we thought it’d be fun to start a little series called “Central Florida Life on Instagram,” where from time-to-time we’ll feature various photos caught over a week or two. Here’s the first…we hope you enjoy!


Know where any of this were snapped? We’d love to hear it – let’s make this interactive. And if you’re on Instagram yourself and aren’t yet following us, and would like to, feel free at (handle @PulseofCFL on the App).

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