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This past weekend we published an Instagram post (inspired by the beautiful weather) charging our fellow Central Floridians to “show us their view” with the hashtag #myCFLview – whether it’s enjoying the amazing weather, hitting up events, going places, etc. We got a few great pics and wanted to share them (with owner permission, of course).







If you’ve got a great view you’d like to share with us, post using the hashtag #myCFLview to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got….


Central Florida Life on Instagram

More of Central Florida seen through the Instagram lens. Enjoy (and if you know where any of these places are, chime in)!



Central Florida Life on Instagram

Central Florida has many great “photo opps.” Sometimes ya gotta look for them, often they find you (you just have to be ready). And when we are ready we try to capture them on Instagram. While some of these great photos make their way into our posts, they mostly don’t warrant a full blog post, so we Instashare them.

For these, we thought it’d be fun to start a little series called “Central Florida Life on Instagram,” where from time-to-time we’ll feature various photos caught over a week or two. Here’s the first…we hope you enjoy!


Know where any of this were snapped? We’d love to hear it – let’s make this interactive. And if you’re on Instagram yourself and aren’t yet following us, and would like to, feel free at (handle @PulseofCFL on the App).

SPCA’s ”Bully Beach Bash and Backyard BBQ”

Earlier this morning I caught a Tweet from the SPCA of Central Florida, and just had to shed some light on this great upcoming event:

Now, I have a cat and I’m quite certain he wouldn’t be agreeable to dragging him along to this event, but if you’re a pitbull owner you might want to consider this as a great way to connect with other pitbull owners. Please note: It is requested that you RSVP if you plan on attending.

If you end-up going please take photos of the event and feel free to share them with us. We’d love to feature them here on the blog.

I’ve Seen that Underbite Somewhere Before …

The similarities are striking …


Kobe’s Underbite

IMG_0475Peanut’s Underbite

Central Florida’s hometown basketball team have a chance to tie up the series in tomorrow night’s game against the Lakers. Let’s Go Magic!

Know of something exciting going on in Central Florida? Tell us about it!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year-and-two-months since we launched our blog. Time sure does fly! We’ve been pretty pleased with the response our site has gotten – we definitely have our regular and loyal readers but would certainly love to see our audience grow in the future. I see this happening because now we have people reaching out to us about things they’d like to have promoted! Some of these opportunities are potential contests & promotions, which means fun stuff for those loyal readers I was talking about earlier!

If you or someone you know have heard about something happening in the Central Florida area and would like to see it promoted on “Pulse of Central Florida” please e-mail us! We’ll definitely take it into consideration!

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

If you’re like me and you have a pet, you’d probably love to save a few bucks on vaccinations, flea & tick meds, etc.


Last year, while picking up some food at Pet Supermarket, I stumbled upon a flyer for low cost vaccinations and decided to give them a try.

I brought Peanut into Pet Supermarket the following Saturday and the folks from Animal Health Services took care of her. For just over $50, she got all of her necessary vaccinations (Rabies, 6 in 1, Bordetella and Heartworm) for the year! Quite a bargain when compared to what I was spending at the Vet’s office to do it.

Animal Health Services recommends taking your pet to the Vet for their annual check ups, but believes in low cost preventive care for pets.

Services are scheduled for specific days in each area, and are available first-come, first serve.

For more information about when they’ll be at your local pet store, check out their site or give them a call.

Animal Health Services
(888) 680-7387

Pet Pulse: Cricket Bright

Remember one of our starts from last month, Lucas Bright? Well, this is Cricket and she’s Lucas’s sister.

Cricket showed up at her mother’s back door a week ago and has taken over. She is extremely energetic and you never know if she’s going to attack you or love on you. She has a big crush on Lucas and follows him everywhere he goes, stalking him and jumping on his head. He’s tolerating it well. So far, she has knocked over the garbage can, a table lamp, 2 plants and several beverages.

Pet Pulse: Fiona

This is Fiona. She’s a two-and-a-half year old Dashund. She loves going to work everyday with her mommy, because she get to bark at customers, sleep on her own chair in her office, and eat my favourite cereal every morning! The best part of her day is when the mailman comes in (one of her favorite people).

When she’s am not at work, Fiona enjoys sleeping in her mommy’s bed, go swimming with her daddy when it’s really hot outside, and going for walks–preferably without a leash–so she can chase the squirrels, or anything else that moves! She obviously loves her life; she’s really spoiled, and everyone loves her!

I mean, really…how can you not love a dog named Princess Fiona?

If you have a Central Florida pet you’d like us to feature, send a bio and photo(s) to pulseofcentralflorida[at]mail[dot]com. They just might be a star….

Mowguli Bohannon

Remember “Tink” from last week? Well, Mowguli is Tink’s twin sibling, of course with the same story. Mowguli enjoys watching Tink make an idiot of herself (don’t all siblings?) with toys and hunting through the window, playing coy while trying to get some loving, jungle beats, and moths that get in the house.

Much more shy than Tink, Mowguli spends most days basking in the sun on the bed and looking mighty cute. Mowguli has as well had his brush with death when in 2002 he was taken to the vet by his grandmother who was kind enough to house them when she noticed he wasn’t feeling well, and it turned out he had a telecoped intestine which was blocking his bowel movement. Yuck! Sadly there wasn’t much the vet said you could do for it and it would probably be fatal. Boy was the vet wrong….

Mowguli has made an full recovery and is expected to live a full and happy life, and is quickly gaining on Tink for fatness!

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