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Stop Bullying & End Hate: The Official Standup Tour

Looking for something entertaining to do this weekend that’s also tied to a good cause. We’ve the perfect thing for you: The Official Standup Tour. This free, all-ages concert in Celebration features former American Idol and The Voice contestants, as well as several other music acts all joining together to help keep anti-bullying and hatred top of mind.

Stand Up Tour Flyer
Here’s a little about The Official Standup Tour:

The Official Stand Up Tour’s mission is to bring awareness by shining a light on the rampant social issue of bullying that plagues today’s youth through epic concert events.

In addition to today’s concert there is a [ticketed] VIP meet & greet with some of the talent on the roster. If you’re a fan and are interested you can purchase tickets here*.

If you end up going we’d love to hear all about it!

* not an affiliate link

Jazz Tastings in Maitland

Tucked on the side of a little plaza near Lake Lily in Maitland is the unassuming restaurant/bar Jazz Tastings. I heard about it from a few friends who wanted to check it out, but none had ever been.

Not knowing really what to expect, we opted not to eat dinner there, even though I read on Yelp and their site that they offer a number of delicious food options. Instead, we decided to head there for a few drinks. Jazz Tastings is an intimate space and not at all what I was expecting. It was every bit the sophisticated, relaxing atmosphere they promote it to be.

The room is long and narrow, but has a good amount of seating and a small L-shaped bar near the kitchen. While the smaller size of the place might seem like a negative, it’s truly the opposite because you’re that much closer to the stage.


Speaking of the stage, the whole point of the bar is to showcase phenomenal Jazz talent, and boy have they succeeded. We were there on a Friday night and the performers were ridiculously good. I was really blown away by the vibe of the place, how into it the audience was and just how well it all just “worked.”

Jazz Tastings is open six days a week, so you have no excuse not to check it out!

Win 2 Tickets to See Kellie Pickler at The Plaza Live

We’re not necessarily huge fans of Kelly Pickler, per say, but she’s done pretty well for herself since her days on American Idol, plus The Plaza LIVE is a fantastic venue to see any artist you like perform in. (We also hear Kelly’s a pretty decent person and that’s always a big plus in our book!). So…if you’re a fan, head over to The Plaza Live’s Facebook Page for a chance to win two (2) free tickets to watch Kelly perform this coming Friday.

Here’s more info (via The Plaza’s FB Page):

Kelly Pickler

If you’re always on the lookout for great concerts in Orlando, stay tuned to The Plaza LIVE.

*Please note: This sweepstakes is not facilitated through us. We’re just helping get the word out.


This past weekend we published an Instagram post (inspired by the beautiful weather) charging our fellow Central Floridians to “show us their view” with the hashtag #myCFLview – whether it’s enjoying the amazing weather, hitting up events, going places, etc. We got a few great pics and wanted to share them (with owner permission, of course).







If you’ve got a great view you’d like to share with us, post using the hashtag #myCFLview to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got….

Top “Escapes” From Our Theme Parks

A Forbes article titled “5 Great Escapes From Orlando’s Theme Parks” was circulated around the interwebs this past week, and with a title like that you know our ears certainly perked up. Actually, many of the local folks we follow posted or mentioned something about it, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

We love all of the local theme parks (it’s my bread & butter, so to speak), but one of the reasons Kim and I started this blog six years ago is to provide insight and talk about local things…living in our great Central Florida apart from the global theme parks located in our collective back yard. So referencing this Forbes article on “escaping theme parks” what are some of your favorite places, things that didn’t make the list here?

If you haven’t seen the article here are the five it mentions:

Thoughts?! Good suggestions?

To read the full article on click here.

* We originally caught wind of this article via a Facebook posting by Downtown Orlando. Thanks!

Downtown Food & Wine Fest

PrintThis event at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando has almost become a staple, and is such a fun time for those of us who enjoy outdoor events this time of year. We’ve gone to the Downtown Food & Wine Fest the past couple of years, and have had a blast!

In addition to the wide variety of food and wine this coming weekend, there will be some great musical entertainment over the course of the weekend. Performances by: Matt Shenck; Matt Nathanson; Three Dog Night. Not too shabby, eh?! Check-out the complete line-up on the Downtown Food & Wine Fest website.

“Located in the heart of downtown Orlando at Lake Eola on Robinson Street, the two-day Fest features mouth-watering dishes from 40 of Orlando’s premier restaurants, domestic and international wines, and live entertainment.”

Weather permitting (and we’re crossing our fingers it does), this should be the perfect thing to do during a Central Florida weekend!

Wine Tasting at Downtown Food & Wine Fest 2014

For all things related to this event, check out the Downtown Food & Wine Fest website. See you there!

Big News from Will’s Pub

wills Will’s Pub, aka Will’s on Mills, announced some awesome news for those who wish not to spend their weekly salary on a dry cleaning bill.

They are now NON-SMOKING!

Will’s is such a great little bar, with an awesome draft beer selection and tons of great live music–this news is the icing on the venue’s cake!

Way to go, Will’s!


Photo Tour of Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts

We Central Floridians are all well aware at this point of the major development taking place at the south end of downtown Orlando, in the shape of the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts. We’ve even talked about it here a time or two, and featured some of the progress on our Instagram Channel.

Our friends over at recently featured a Facebook post highlighting some in-depth details about the construction and plans to come when the new mega performing arts center opens later next fall. Check it out:

Be sure to click on the link within the post to get a photo tour of the new facilities. They’re pretty sweet….

Additionally, there’s another angle of the intended completed project by way of a “fly-through” video courtesy of – if you care to take a look:

2013 Fall Fiesta at Lake Eola

We love us a good Festival. Usually because that means there’s awesome food (I’m talking specifically ’bout you, corndog). Oh yeah, and there’s arts and crafts and stuff.

The Fall Fiesta in the Park at Lake Eola is back again, this coming Saturday and Sunday, the 2nd and 3rd of November. No doubt the weather will be amazing then.

2013 Fall Fiesta

For all the information you need on this event visit or the Fall Fiesta in the Park Facebook Page. If you plan on attending on either day, always keep in mind traffic and parking accommodations.

Also, check-out our “Events” section for posts on previous Fall Fiestas in the Park and similar happenings.

The Creative City Project

Creative City Project

The arts community has really been increasing in Central Florida and we’re completely loving it. With new developments happening quite quickly all over the region, hopefully the offerings and community will only continue to grow.

Enter The Creative City Project:

The Creative City Project is birthed out of the belief that artists can change a city for the better by making it a more beautiful, meaningful and interesting place to live. We are a collective of artists, who seek to create shared experiences between artists and people who live, work, play in and visit Orlando. We see the blank spaces in our city – whether the wall of a building, a street corner or a public park – as canvases for creation. Some of our works only exist for the moment they are performed, and some live on as permanent contributions.”

We’re already intrigued. For some reason, this hasn’t previously been on our radar. But fortunately it now is.

There’s an incredibly wide array of artists, artistic outlets, expressions, and interpretations that can be found in several locations sprinkled throughout the downtown Orlando area. Music, dance, etc. Interested in finding out more? Full details can be found at

One we found particularly interesting is the Coby Project, an improvisational dance team that creates their movements based on audience suggestions and submissions. Check this out:

If you are interested in possibly seeing or participating in any of these be sure to jump on it. The Creative City Project is this Friday night, 10/25.

What are your thoughts on the ever-growing Central Florida arts Community?

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