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Stop Bullying & End Hate: The Official Standup Tour

Looking for something entertaining to do this weekend that’s also tied to a good cause. We’ve the perfect thing for you: The Official Standup Tour. This free, all-ages concert in Celebration features former American Idol and The Voice contestants, as well as several other music acts all joining together to help keep anti-bullying and hatred top of mind.

Stand Up Tour Flyer
Here’s a little about The Official Standup Tour:

The Official Stand Up Tour’s mission is to bring awareness by shining a light on the rampant social issue of bullying that plagues today’s youth through epic concert events.

In addition to today’s concert there is a [ticketed] VIP meet & greet with some of the talent on the roster. If you’re a fan and are interested you can purchase tickets here*.

If you end up going we’d love to hear all about it!

* not an affiliate link

Cloak & Dapper to Open Store in Orlando

Our friends over at Cloak & Dapper are finally opening a store. A real store! Like, you can go in and shop.

Here’s a little tease they posted on their Instagram not too long ago:

Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 11.04.24 AM

“Front Door Eye-candy”

And just yesterday this:

Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 11.03.48 AM

We’re really proud and happy for them. It’s been fun to watch their growth, contribution, and recognition within the Central Florida community. Remember this profile we did last year?

Can’t wait to pay the new store in Ivanhoe Village a visit soon!

Nature in Central Florida

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – William Shakespeare

Think about it. Not to get totally mystical here but nature really does connect us. With each other, creatures, the earth.

I frequent a couple of Central Florida parks fairly regularly, typically for an afternoon/evening jog or Boot Camp fitness class. I’m always enamored by the nature that’s right underneath my nose…and something I feel most ignore or don’t appreciate so much.

I snapped (no pun intended) this amazing pic one night last week while jogging around Lake Eola in downtown Orlando:


Pretty amazing, right? I need to remind myself to take note of scenes like this way more often. How about you? Where are some of your favorite places to soak up nature? Would love for you to share some pics with us.

Wanna find out where other Pulse fans like to spend their time enjoying nature? Check out this poll we did last year.

EXTRACT Juice & Tapas Bar in Winter Park

I’ve driven by EXTRACT Juice & Tapas bar in Winter Park several times, and gazed at the folks who seemed to be enjoying its charming atmosphere as I breezed by. This past weekend I got to experience this health-conscious neighborhood joint, and I’m happy to say I’m a fan!

Attachment 2 (14)

Outdoor seating

Now, I’m the first to say (and it’s quite clear by looking over our “Food” section) I’m not the healthiest eater in the world, but I’m taking strides to make better decisions, so I was certainly eager to check-out EXTRACT. My dining buddy and I both opted for the great little brunch offer they’ve got going – three courses and all-you-can-drink Sangria for $27! Yup…and we did NOT drank all we could drank! Let’s take a look.

Attachment 3 (10)

Brunch menu

Please keep in mind their brunch menu could change at any time. This is just what it looked like when we dined here.

There’s a great variety on the menu, and diverse enough that just about anyone should find something they like. Scroll through the gallery to check out all the amazing noms we enjoyed! I can honestly say everything was really good, but for me the standout had to be the mini Italian sliders with pretzel crisps. So simple but so tasty!

This is just what’s on the brunch menu. There are many, many other dishes on their regular menu, including affordable smoothies (some local places charge a buttload for smoothies!). It’s also a dog-friendly establishment so if you’re looking to get out with your pooch on a beautiful Central Florida summer afternoon, go for it!

Location deets:

EXTRACT Juice & Tapas Bar
400 W. New England Ste 13
Winter Park, Florida 32789

See what folks are saying about EXTRACT on Yelp! Have you been? We’d love to know about your experience.

Why Florida is the Best State in America

I recently read this article on Huffington Post titled ’23 Reasons Florida (Yes, Florida) Is Quite Possibly The Best State In America.’ As a 15-year Central Floridian (holy crap!) the title certainly caught my eye. Did you happen to see it? Anyway, a handful of the points mentioned are weather (hello…look at the forecast for this coming week!), springs/nature, Cape Canaveral, Publix subs (YES!), and, of course, the local-that-are-global-destination attractions.

This. #FloridaLife #LoveFL #myCFLview

A post shared by Pulse of Central Florida (@pulseofcfl) on

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 9.51.59 AM

(Photo courtesy of Instagrammer @julielikley.)

I think one thing I’d probably add is the people. For the most part, people in Florida–speaking mainly of Central Florida–are very nice and genuine. Then again, the majority of us Orlandoans aren’t even originally from here!

So the big question is, do you AGREE with this list?!


This past weekend we published an Instagram post (inspired by the beautiful weather) charging our fellow Central Floridians to “show us their view” with the hashtag #myCFLview – whether it’s enjoying the amazing weather, hitting up events, going places, etc. We got a few great pics and wanted to share them (with owner permission, of course).







If you’ve got a great view you’d like to share with us, post using the hashtag #myCFLview to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got….

Top “Escapes” From Our Theme Parks

A Forbes article titled “5 Great Escapes From Orlando’s Theme Parks” was circulated around the interwebs this past week, and with a title like that you know our ears certainly perked up. Actually, many of the local folks we follow posted or mentioned something about it, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

We love all of the local theme parks (it’s my bread & butter, so to speak), but one of the reasons Kim and I started this blog six years ago is to provide insight and talk about local things…living in our great Central Florida apart from the global theme parks located in our collective back yard. So referencing this Forbes article on “escaping theme parks” what are some of your favorite places, things that didn’t make the list here?

If you haven’t seen the article here are the five it mentions:

Thoughts?! Good suggestions?

To read the full article on click here.

* We originally caught wind of this article via a Facebook posting by Downtown Orlando. Thanks!

Stunning Central Florida Sunsets

We all know Central Florida has some of the most stunning, picturesque sunsets around! And we’ve certainly been experiencing some kick-butt ones recently. Late last week just might’ve been one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. Lots of folks were Instagramming it, and we managed to capture some of their posts (with their permission, of course) to share. Enjoy….

Beautiful night for a walk. #letsdothis #walkitout

A post shared by Rae Hanson (@raelhanson) on

Vividly stunning sunset

A post shared by Richard Lindau (@rhlindau) on

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St. George Island Attractions

Cape St George Lighthouse

St. George Island Lighthouse

Just off the coast of Florida, St. George Island in Franklin County lies between the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay. Just one mile wide at its widest point, it is 28 miles long and is roughly divided into three separate areas, each with their own special attractions. The Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park is at the eastern end and covers approximately nine miles. Then there is a public strip of bars, restaurants, beaches, homes and small businesses. At the western end of the island is a highly exclusive, gated community, sometimes known as St. George’s Plantation. It occupies some 1,200 acres and has its own airstrip, plus 24/7 security to exclude all but residents or rental occupiers from some of the most high-priced multi-million dollar beach homes that exist along the Gulf of Mexico.

St. George Island Lighthouse

Visitors who pick up cheap rental cars and drive over from Eastpoint on the mainland via the St. George Island Bridge are treated to a wonderful four-mile drive across the sea on Florida’s third longest bridge, skirting a small island on the way. On St. George Island the bridge ends close to St. George Island Lighthouse, the views from which are superb. There’s a small but fascinating museum attached to the lighthouse, which tells the story of how the 1852 lighthouse was destroyed and then rebuilt using original materials and plans.

St. George Island State Park

This fabulous park is in a perfect setting featuring miles of unspoiled sandy beaches and sparkling emerald waters. There is a wealth of activities available for those who love the outdoor life, including camping and hiking, and nature study in the pristine marshes. Water sports include canoeing and boating as well as swimming. Anglers can fish in Apalachicola Bay for flounder, pompano, redfish, sea trout, Spanish mackerel and whiting, as long as they have a valid saltwater fishing license. The beaches are perfect for sunbathing and shell collecting.

St George Island Par

State Park

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Photo Tour of Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts

We Central Floridians are all well aware at this point of the major development taking place at the south end of downtown Orlando, in the shape of the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts. We’ve even talked about it here a time or two, and featured some of the progress on our Instagram Channel.

Our friends over at recently featured a Facebook post highlighting some in-depth details about the construction and plans to come when the new mega performing arts center opens later next fall. Check it out:

Be sure to click on the link within the post to get a photo tour of the new facilities. They’re pretty sweet….

Additionally, there’s another angle of the intended completed project by way of a “fly-through” video courtesy of – if you care to take a look:

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