Padrino’s Cuban Bistro

Food. Again…. Just accept all of the great insider info. We’re here to help….

So, Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine is located near my old work office, and honestly we ordered in more often than I actually went out to eat at the restaurant, but either way it is. Good. Food! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it right now.)

“Where the accent is on the delicious.”

This is the motto splattered across the top of the Padrino’s website, so you kinda know they mean business.

So here’s a peek at one of the items on the lunch menu:

Padrino's Cuban Bistro

Rosa’s Chicken Steak

Look pretty good? You can check-out all of the items on Padrino’s lunch menu as we all their dinner menu here.

The only thing that’s a bit odd about this place for me is the dining room. It’s cute and clean, but a tad stark and somewhat limited in character. Perhaps it was just a slow day the one time I went to dine for lunch – I’m definitely willing to give it another shot!

Fan of Padrino’s? Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to share the love with all of Central Florida by talking about your Padrino’s experiences on Yelp.

Location deets:

PH: 407.251.5107


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